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Publish your property listings on Social Media from one central location and access reports on the performance of your property listing.

Social Manager

From one central location, manage your property listings on social media and gain insight into their success.

Property Performance

Report on the performance of each of your property listings, understand the best media channels for your marketing budget and print awesome reports for your property seller.

Video Creator

Autonomously have a video created on each of your property listings to share on social media or use in your marketing efforts.

Social Media Curator

Not sure of the correct #HashTags to use, or need to clone a property from social media, use the social creator to make it easy.

Easily Share On Social Media

Propify makes it easy to manage and report on the performance on your property listing, all in one pace.

How To Get Started

Create an account.

Link your social media account.

Share property on social media.

Be Where The Buyers Are

Not all buyers visit real estate websites, but all users visit social media, search engines and content marketing platforms.
Make your property marketing budget last longer and impress your seller.

Social Media Trends


Internet Statistics company Statista, estimates that the total number of social media users in 2016 peaked at 2.34 billion, 200 million up from previous year.

This trend is expected to continue with more users interacting with more and more social media sites, expecting to reach 2.95 billion by 2020.

Facebook continues to produce the most amount of social media users with the USA the largest Facebook user at 219 million users per month (as at April 2017), followed by India, Brazil and Indonesia.

The United Kingdom is the 10th largest user of Facebook and Australia is placed at 12th overall.

Monthly Visitors











Why Choose Us

Propify turns likes into leads. Social Media is the key to selling property and raising your image.

Professional Service

Fantastic & cost-effective service to promote our properties socially and with a video too.

Professional Service

Denise Jillett

Agency Owner

Awesome ! Loving It

The opportunity to list individual property on social media, increasing their SEO and providing a video is an awesome benefit.

Awesome ! Loving It

Matthew Shepherd

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Target Marketing

Be the social media expert and sell more property.