Days before its investment sale, Australian firm Propify hits one million visits to its capital raising website, which is set to open early morning Los Angeles time on the 14th December 2017. The company has been inundated at its website where it is seeking to raise capital for future global operations and software development.

Working with the Australian Real Estate Blockchain Association (AREBA) and other industry leaders, Propify aims to re-engineer & transform the entire real estate process from listing and marketing a property through to the actual sale and exchange of title deeds.

Propify Managing Director, Stephen Sharry said “We are amazed at the interest in Propify. I guess it is no surprise considering our brilliant team. Our aim is to deliver a secure, transparent and efficient property transaction. Clearly, it resonates in the community with so much interest in our offering. One million people cannot be wrong”.

The team at Propify are some of the industries greatest property leaders, ranging from presidents of property associations, CEO’s of real estate groups, the former NSW valuer general, CFO of property associations and CIO’s of real estate and property entities.

Good business attracts good people. Propify has the right strategy and the right people to lead the industry into the future. Propify has attracted much attention recently and continues to grow well beyond expectations. One million people cannot be wrong.

Seeking capital for future operations, Propify aims to establish itself as a formidable competitor within the annual $20 billion USD industry. The company recently received more than 110,000 visits in its first opening hours of registration, taking the company by surprise. Now the company can boast more than 1,000,000 interested parties, a guide of what is to come.

The Propify offering is excellent, early contributors receive 25% additional value into the company on day one of the sale, with an extra 5% for those that take 100 or more tokens. All contributors are automatically made members of the Token Holders Fund, where 1% of company revenue is shared for those registered.

To take part in the token sale, users must visit the website after midnight on December 14 Los Angeles time and before January 26 2018. Contributors will receive a generous bonus offer, where an additional 25% is made available from day one. For more detail, please visit