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Propify is an online PR marketing agency for the real estate & property professional. Think of Propify as your secret weapon in online & international marketing. We work with you to create the best possible marketing strategy for your listing. Should you not have the time, you can easily select one of our pre-designed campaigns.

There are 3 Propify Packages:

  1. Free – send optimized property listings to social media. Includes rendered video and online property brochure.
  2. Per Listing РIncludes everything in the Free Package, with the option to customize the branding and exposure to a wider audience.
  3. Subscription РIncludes all of Free Package with customized branding and optimize up to 5 individual properties per month.

Campaigns are individually tailored marketing strategies¬†aimed at maximizing¬†a property’s online exposure.

Each campaign is focused, targeting a set audience in the most cost-effective¬†approach. Campaigns may be tailored to suit a specific property’s needs or employ a Propify preset comprehensive campaign.

Creating a Propify marketing strategy is really easy. You can choose from one of our ready to go marketing packages, or you can create your own by selecting the services you need.

The best way to start is to use the submission form and create your first campaign by clicking the services you need.

Or, if you feel like a chat, call one of our representatives to get the ball rolling straight away. Our consultants will work with you to build the campaign for your client.

Many clients have talented staff members and many are great users of social media.

Propify is a devoted social media marketing company, aimed at providing competitive value back to Agencies, Agents and Brokers, at a fraction of the price of managing internally.

Our professional services offer more than placing an update on Facebook & Twitter. Propify offers a full end to end consumer targeting strategy, at an optimal marketing budget to maximise your property listings exposure.

For a complete list of our services and pricing, please visit Our Services page.

Propify is a PR & Marketing agency to aid the real estate professional promote listings. If you are not a real estate agent or agency, it is best to contact your nearest office and they will work with us.

This is completely at your discretion. The more information you can share with our consultants, the better campaign we can develop for you. If you do not yet have any detail, our consultants can work with you to obtain.

Depending on the campaign, the following items are a good guide:

  • Listing Realtor/Agent/Broker/Agency
  • Best contact information for prospective buyer to reach you
  • Property image(s) inc floor plans
  • Property video(s) & virtual tours (if any)
  • Property description & points of interest
  • Bed, bath & car park amounts
  • Property list price range (if known)
  • Any specific news related interests (Example, Marilyn Monroe’s first home)

You! Or a representative of your team. Should you require Propify to act as primary contact for privacy reasons, please advise our consultant.

A Propify consultant can provide the services available to select from.

YES! You are assigned a Propify consultant who will work with you through the entire process. Should you require additional support, our customer care team is available to provide help 24/7.

When you search on Google, the list of results that appear are called Organic Results. With Social Media, Organic refers to the natural appearance of social media posts (updates) made by users. They are results that are unpaid with no associated budget assigned, they appear in the list of results “Organically”.

Payment is made via our online payment system. Depending on your agreement with your Vendor and depending on the relevant  Propify package selected, in most cases the Vendor pays for the service. In this case, simply share the payment system URL with your Vendor.