Propify, the creator of the first Blockchain powered real estate search, will this week feature its technology at Myriad in Brisbane, QLD Australia. The real estate search platform is a unique mix of technology, employing the best from social media, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to present a new way for consumers to search for real estate and for real estate agents to access consumers.

Myriad Brisbane is a meeting of the worlds most acclaimed innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists direct from Silicon Valley to Brisbane. Propify has been invited to present at this years event commencing May 17, 2018.

“Myriad Air was one of the biggest mid-air networking events ever staged and I’m confident that the connections that began on board will continue through the Myriad Festival and beyond to deliver some great results for our state,” Premier Palaszczuk said, speaking of the arrival of Qantas chartered flight Myriad Air.

Noted by NYC media as the top 25 Proptech firms under the radar, the company will discuss its ground-breaking technology at the conference. Presented by CEO of Propify, Joel Leslie, who also spoke earlier in February at the Blockchain conference in Silicon Valley, will discus the impending approach of Blockchain in real estate.

“Propify is the first worldwide real estate search Blockchain.” said CEO of Propify, Joel Leslie. “We have worked very hard to get where we are. The path to develop Blockchain related technology is substantial and we are at least 24-48 months ahead of other entities attempting to build similar to Propify,” adds Leslie.

The company is seeking strategic partners to join its worldwide efforts. “We have already achieved around 38,000 subscribed real estate agents (Realtors), mostly in the US,” said Leslie. “We have been noted as the Zillow replacement by some US media outlets, which is not ideal for us right now. We see our selves as a value add to existing Property Portals and not a replacement.”

Those interested in becoming Propify strategic partners should register their interest at the company website


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About Propify

Propify helps real estate agents and agencies promote real property via social media, search engines and the Blockchain with its strategically developed content marketing strategies and consumer search application.

More than a lead generation solution, Propify facilitates a conversation between the real estate agent and the property buyer & seller. Propify helps buyers find the exact property they are looking for and helps property sellers sell more quickly.

Called “suburb-less search” Propify allows users to find the ideal property or investment in any region around the world, without specifying a suburb or region.

About Myriad

Myriad is a celebration of creativity and innovation, bringing some of the world’s greatest thought leaders to Queensland, and showcasing local innovators.

A planeload of the globe’s most acclaimed innovators, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have touched down in Brisbane on the chartered Myriad Air flight from Silicon Valley ahead of Queensland’s largest ever innovation festival this week.

Myriad is a fantastic opportunity for Australian startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs to come and enjoy all Queensland has to offer, while connecting with some of the worlds’ innovation thought leaders. Myriad 2018 is presented in strategic partnership with the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative.


Joel Leslie, Chief Executive Officer Australia: [email protected]
AUS +61 0403138855

Stephen Sharry, Chairman: [email protected]
AUS +61 423 439 999