Talking Blockchain, Propify managing Director Stephen Sharry, spoke with breakfast presenter Robert Blackmore on ABC Sunshine Coast Local Radio. The Noosa based property technology (PropTech) firm addressed queries surrounding the Blockchain, its use in real estate and its difference to Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies.

“The Blockchain is not Bitcoin and Bitcoin is not the Blockchain,” advises Propify Managing Director, Stephen Sharry. “Digital Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum run on a version of Blockchain, which facilitates their immutable and secure nature”.

Propify has created and is currently raising capital, to roll out the first Blockchain backed property marketing technology. Users search for properties that are made available by the Blockchain using a Block Explorer. Propify’s own Block Explorer named Listr, uses a social media style user interface to access properties for sale, lease and sold.

“We are not talking about buying property with Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are talking about a new generation property search website.” Says Sharry. “Searching for real estate has not changed much since the late 1990s, when it was first created. Users are actively looking for a new, 2020 version of finding their ideal home, investment property or real estate agent.”

Co-Founder and President of the Australian Real Estate Blockchain Association (AREBA) Joel Leslie, adds, “The Blockchain is a protocol first technology that adds security and trust to transactions. It is incorruptible and can be used in many scenarios like vouching for a real estate agents qualifications to certifying the seller’s ownership of the property and the buyer has the funds to buy it”.

Propify’s real estate Blockchain will streamline the property transaction, saving the real estate agent, the buyer and the seller time and money. The company is expected to release its first cut of the product in April, scaling the product as interest grows.

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About Propify

Propify helps real estate agents and agencies promote real property via social media and search engines with its strategically developed content marketing strategies and consumer retargeting application.

More than a lead generation solution, Propify facilitates a conversation between the real estate agent and the property consumer. Propify helps narrow buyers to defined audiences and profile prospective buyers to ensure the quickest and best sale price for the property vendor.


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