Last week, Propify announced its intention to hold an online crowd-sale to sell its own smart-contract based coins (tokens) named the REAL ESTATE token, raising capital via a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. The company wants to fund its future expansions into global real estate marketing, delivered on the Blockchain. The sale has been scheduled to take place from Midnight Los Angeles time and continue through Australia Day – 26 January 2018, or until its tokens are sold. 

Since the company’s announcement of its crowd-sale event, Propify’s ICO (initial coin offering) website received 113,114 visits, where at one point the company was averaging more than 2,400 visits per hour.

“We are delighted by the interest in our platform. Gaining such attention in such a short period of time really shows us how on par we are with the industry and trends”, says company Managing Director, Stephen Sharry.

Propify’s appreciation of where the industry is headed is profound. The company is correct to be pleased with its efforts, where new real estate technology participants are entering the PropTech industry, developing for the Blockchain and raising substantial equity for company growth.

“We knew we were on the right path with Propify, but to receive over 100,000 interested parties to our ICO website is simply astounding. There is plenty of movement in this space, but no other PropTech firm has our level of high calibre in property, finance, real estate and technology experience” adds Sharry.

Built on the same technology that underpins Bitcoin, Propify provides the ability to qualify real estate content and publish on a social media ecosystem, the company has named the No-Portal model.

Propify has scaled up its services for its 14 December capital raising event called a Pre-Contribution sale which is located at

To take part in the token sale, users must visit the website after midnight on December 14 Los Angeles time and before January 26 2018. Contributors will receive a generous bonus offer, where an additional 25% is made available from day one. For more detail, please visit

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