Seeking to raise capital for future expansion, Propify has launched its first investment round. The company is the first to offer real estate marketing on the Blockchain, backed by Smart Contracts and Social Media. As per the latest trend, Propify has adopted an ICO style of capital raising, whereby capital is raised via digital currencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum.

No other company has announced its intention of moving into marketing real estate on the Blockchain, leaving Propify as the trailblazer. The property marketing industry is estimated at over $20 billion per year in the US alone. Companies currently marketing property online such as real in Australia, Zillow in the US and Zoopla in the UK, have not focused on the Blockchain.

“The Blockchain is about to change everything we do in the property industry. From listing a property for sale to the exchange of the Title Deed.” Says Propify Managing Director, Stephen Sharry. “Propify is the first to take existing properties that are either for sale or for lease and directly market them on the Blockchain.”

The capital-raising venture commenced December 14, Los Angeles time. The company is currently experiencing a high volume of interest, with its recent flood of interest reaching well over 1 million website impressions.

“Due to the elevated attention from the Blockchain & real estate communities, we decided to launch the capital raising venture a few hours earlier.” Says Sharry. “The decision to do so was not made lightly. It was solely based on market drivers and providing our loyal followers an extra few hours to take full advantage of the bonus offer.”

The company is currently delivering a bonus to all early investors in the first 24 hours of 25% additional value, plus an extra 5%.

To take part in Propify’s investment round and take advantage of the generous bonus offers, interested parties must visit the website immediately. For more detail, please visit